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How To Fix Paint Bubbles And What Causes Them

How to fix paint bubbles

Nobody wants to look at the fresh coat of paint on their walls and see bubbles popping up. It means more work and having to deal with knowing they’re there, ruining the look of your walls. Let’s talk about how to fix paint bubbles, what causes them, and how we can prevent them from appearing.  […]

Types Of Paint Finishes And The Rooms You’ll Love Them In

When it comes to transforming your home, choosing the right paint finish is just as important as selecting the perfect color. With a plethora of options available, from matte and eggshell to satin and high-gloss, finding the ideal fit for each room can be overwhelming. Don’t fret—this guide will walk you through various types of […]

A Guide On How To Fix Paint Streaks

How to fix paint streaks

Nothing can dampen the satisfaction of a freshly painted surface like the presence of unsightly streaks. This article will share valuable tips and techniques to help you banish those paint streaks and achieve a flawless finish. Let’s dive in and learn how to fix paint streaks and restore your surfaces to their pristine glory! Methods […]

How To Fix Peeling Paint On A Ceiling The Best Way

Is your ceiling paint peeling up to a point where it drops residue on the floor. However, addressing this issue promptly is important as it may indicate underlying problems. In this post, you can find out how to fix peeling paint on a ceiling. You can also discover what could be causing it and how […]

Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams: Which Paint is Better?

It’s best to use the highest-quality paint when painting the interior or exterior of your home. In this post, you can find out which is paint brand is best for houses when it comes to Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams. Whose Choice Is Better? “We might as well be debating whose football team is best,” […]

How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior And Exterior?

How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior And Exterior In Hawaii? This Is How Often You Can Expect To Need To Paint Your Honolulu Home To Protect It And Keep It Looking Great Nobody wants their home to start looking bad because the paint is failing! If you know when you’ll need to freshen […]

The Answers To The Top 9 Interior Painting Questions!

These Are The Answers To The Top 9 Questions Our Neighbors In Honolulu Are Asking About Interior Painting We did some digging and found out the most commonly searched questions for interior painting in Honolulu. Then, we answered them! In this post, you can find the answers to the top interior painting questions. But What […]

Interior Painting Ideas And Interior Paint Colors For House

Our Clients In Honolulu County, Hawaii Are Choosing These Colors And Ideas For Their Home Interior It’s always nice to know what your neighbors are doing with their homes. You can use their ideas to springboard your own (better) ones! In this post, you can see project photos from our client’s homes. You’ll see what […]

How Much Your Interior Paint Job Can Cost Per Square Foot

Homeowners In Oahu Are Investing To Get A New, Fresh Look For Their Interior Walls Time for a refresher or new look for your home interior? Then it makes sense why you’re looking up the cost! In this post, you can discover how much it can cost per square foot to paint your home interior. […]