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The Best Exterior Painting In Kapolei, HI

fresh exterior painting of two floors house with garage

Choose Bernardo’s Painting for top-notch exterior painting in Kapolei, HI! Exterior painting in Kapolei, HI, is not merely about aesthetics—it adds considerable value to your property and safeguards it against Hawaii’s unique climate conditions. Choosing a professional contractor guarantees high-quality workmanship, precision, and attention to detail, resulting in a flawless finish that lasts. Bernardo’s Painting […]

The Best Exterior Painting In Kailua, HI

The Best Exterior Painting In Kailua, HI

Make your house the talk of the town with our top exterior painting in Kailua, HI. You’ve landed in the right place if you’re looking for exterior painting services in Kailua, HI. A neglected exterior doesn’t just harm your home’s aesthetic appeal; it leaves your home vulnerable to weather damage, wood rot, and a decrease […]

Paint Sprayer Vs. Roller Pros and Cons for Your Paint Project

paint sprayer vs roller for home paint

Deciding between a paint sprayer and roller for your upcoming project can be quite a dilemma. Did you know that using the right tool can significantly affect your painting task’s efficiency? This article will guide you through the pros and cons of both these tools to help make your choice easier. Let’s dive in. Pros […]

The Best Exterior Painting In Mililani, HI

exterior painting

Looking to refresh your home with a quality exterior painting service? Bernardo’s Painting has the perfect solutions to make it happen! Exterior painting is a cost-effective and efficient home improvement project that rejuvenates your space and restores its unique charm. A fresh coat of paint can instantly uplift the ambiance and reignite your pride in […]

Common Signs Of Bad And Good Painting Jobs

Common Signs Of Bad And Good Painting Jobs

Are you trying to differentiate between a top-notch and subpar home painting job? A stunningly finished paint job can dramatically elevate the aesthetics of your house, while poor quality work can become an eyesore. This article will help you spot the signs of both bad and good painting jobs, empowering you to make informed decisions […]

The Best Exterior Painting In Waipahu, HI

exterior painting in waipahu hi

Looking for a high-quality and lasting exterior painting job in Waipahu, HI? With Bernardo’s Painting, you’re making the smartest investment! Your needs and preferences will become our #1 priority to deliver you a spectacular product that makes you proud of your home’s exterior once again. You’ll enjoy craftsmanship from a pro that’s been awarded the […]

How Does Stucco Work?

How Does Stucco Work

If you’ve ever admired the charm of Spanish villas or the allure of Mediterranean estates, chances are you’ve been captivated by the timeless elegance of stucco. But have you ever wondered how this remarkable exterior finish works its magic? In this blog post, we delve into the enchanting realm of stucco, demystifying its secrets and […]

Does Spraying vs Brush Painting A House Have Better Results?

When It Comes To These Two Ways To Paint A House It All Depends On The Painter You Hire Spray or brush painting a house can go well or poorly. It depends on the experience level of whoever paints your home. In this post, you can find out the 3 main concerns homeowners have about […]

Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams: Which Paint is Better?

It’s best to use the highest-quality paint when painting the interior or exterior of your home. In this post, you can find out which is paint brand is best for houses when it comes to Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams. Whose Choice Is Better? “We might as well be debating whose football team is best,” […]

How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior And Exterior?

How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior And Exterior In Hawaii? This Is How Often You Can Expect To Need To Paint Your Honolulu Home To Protect It And Keep It Looking Great Nobody wants their home to start looking bad because the paint is failing! If you know when you’ll need to freshen […]