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Award Winning Painting Services

Bernardo’s Painting was formed in 2002 by the owner, Bernardo D. Benigno, on the island of Oahu. With numerous awards, including Honolulu Magazine’s “Best Residential Painting Company” of 2015, then again in 2018.

Before being awarded and recognized islandwide by Honolulu Magazine, we had an unmatched reputation on Yelp!, being the most rated and highest rated painting company in the State of Hawaii.

We have the reputation to deliver unmatched service using the highest quality materials available. Cutting corners on price & materials = cutting corners in workmanship & quality.

Let’s not mince words here: Bernardo’s Painting is the most trusted painting contractor on the island of Oahu. No one can deny that.

We’re intent on going the extra mile, and giving customers the greatest value to ensure your home will LAST.

About Bernardo Benigno, owner and founder of Bernardo’s Painting:

The owner of Bernardo’s Painting (Bernardo), was born on Oahu, and raised in Mililani Town.

Named after his father, Bernardo P. Benigno, who survived two wars: World War II and the Korean War.

Bernardo (Jr) always had the intention and desire to ensure his father’s good name lives on through Bernardo’s Painting, with high values and integrity in the contractor’s market.

He started his craft of painting residential homes in 1999, learning the trade and honing his craft to offer top-notch workmanship, friendly can-do attitude, and drive to get the job done right every time. Referral from satisfied realtors and homeowners spread over the years.

Since 2008, Bernardo’s Painting has been a licensed, bonded and insured painting contractor in the State of Hawaii. He’s known as the most trusted and most reliable painting contractor on the island.

Bernardo’s vision (or mission) for the business is to provide clients with the highest quality workmanship that can be delivered, using the highest quality paints around. His intention is to ensure that YOUR house will last much longer than YOUR NEIGHBOR’S house by a longshot. He innately knows that his long-term vision of making your paint jobs last, will create a reputation for reliability and honesty for years to come.

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