These Are The Types Of Paint Finishes People Use When Painting Their Home

Using the right paint finish is important because some work better in certain rooms than others. This can help extend the lifetime value, keeping your home looking better for longer.

In this post, you can find out what the 5 types of paint finishes are. You can also discover which rooms or areas each paint finish works best in.

Large dining room painted white

Paint Finish vs Paint Sheen

People often use finish and sheen interchangeably when talking about paint. In this context, these two words mean the same thing, so you can use one in place of the other.

What Are The 5 Types Of Paint Finishes And Their Differences?

The main difference when it comes to paint finishes is their shininess. Shininess indicates how durable they are, how easy or difficult they are to clean, and even what you should use them on.

1. Flat/Matte

This paint finish is the least shiny. It’s an easy paint sheen to touch up but it’s hard to clean without possibly hurting the paint.

2. Eggshell

This is one of the types of paint finishes people use the most in their homes. It’s slightly shiny, easier to clean than flat sheens, and is pretty durable.

3. Satin

This is the other paint finish people use the most. It’s also easy to clean and it’s mildew resistant! The durability of satin sheens makes it great for areas that get a lot of moisture in the air.

4. Semi-gloss

Semi-gloss paint finishes are quite shiny as well as water-resistant! They will show imperfections in your walls more than the other paint finishes will.

5. Glossy

This is the shiniest and most durable paint sheen. The problem is that it shows imperfections very easily. You also don’t want to use this one on walls because of how much light it reflects.

Which Rooms Are Best For Each Type Of Paint Finish?

These sheens sometimes work better in certain rooms of the house. Some stand up to heat and moisture better, others are easier to clean, and some just plain look better.

Flat Paint Finishes

Flat sheen paints are best for low-traffic areas like adult bedrooms and fancy dining rooms. 

This sheen is great because it hides wall imperfections really well. This is because this type of paint sheen is hard to clean. The longer the stain or smudge stays on the wall the harder it will be to remove. If you scrub too hard you’ll hurt the paint.

Eggshell Paint Finishes

Eggshell sheen paints are one of the most popular types of paint finishes for walls. It’s great for medium-traffic areas like hallways, entrances, living rooms, and family rooms. 

It’s not quite shiny but not quite flat either. People say it has a soft, almost velvety look to it. This paint finish is decently easy to clean and quite durable. 

Satin Paint Finishes

Satin sheen paints are most popular for trim and cabinet work. This makes it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kid rooms. 

It’s easy to clean and mildew resistant, making it great for rooms that get more moisture than others.

Semi-Gloss Paint Finishes

Semi-gloss sheen paints are great for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. 

This type of paint finish works best for the trim in these rooms. It’s very easy to clean and can stand up to moisture quite well. It’ll show imperfections on walls and ceilings more easily though.

Glossy Paint Finishes

Glossy sheen paints are ideal for cabinets, doors, and trim work in any room.

The shininess of it makes it a less popular choice for walls. This is because when light hits it, it shines way too brightly. It can be semi-blinding, which is why it’s best to use it on other objects besides your walls.

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